In designing this park we followed three core conceptual guidelines:
Flexibility, Efficiency and Sustainability. The configuration of the park allows us to tailor the dimensions of the warehouses to meet our clients’ needs, whether for conventional logistics operations or cross-docking. The warehouses will be equipped with modern, monitored energy-saving systems, permitting management and optimization of operating costs. The design of the park and its warehouses will also meet the sustainability standards required for LEED certification and BREEAM accreditation.

Cristian Oller,
MRICS, Vice-President, Head of Development and Project Management Spain

TAMPON-BUILD-TO-SUIT_prologis1A turnkey development
of custom-made facilities leased from Prologis

The distribution of spaces can vary


11.00 m clear height

Prefabricated concrete structure

Optimization of natural lighting

Warehouses with one- or two-bay loading docks

Frame set between 24.5 m pillars

5 tons / m² live load capacity on floor slabs

ESFR NFPA sprinkler

Doors with hydraulic loading docks

35 m maneuvering yards with 15 m concrete docking area

High flexibility

Premises to suit, from 5,000
to 60,000 square meter

Park: 136,000 square meters

Gateway to Madrid